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Amanda Jaspering Memorial Pull in Perry

Amanda Jaspering's Memorial Pull in Perry MO was a success once again!  The pull started at 5pm and the 160+ hooks ran all the way to 2:30 am.  Lots of out of town tractors and out of state tractors, as far away as Wisconsin, came out to support Jeremy Jaspering and his family!   The G.T.P.O.M.M.A., Super Duty Sled, hooks 30+ tractors quite smoothly.  Lots of people noticed that it ran very smoothly and how great it looked on the track.

Pleasant Hill, IL

Thank you to everyone who came out and beat the heat with a good garden tractor pull in Pleasant Hill, IL.  There were Centralia beating Chula and a little sister beating her big brother.  Tractor engines blowing and others running very smoothly.  As the night went on it got cooler and we had a GREAT pull!  Coming to the end of the season for the points championships some are still trying to get ahead with just one more points pull to succeed!


We made it to the Madison Activity Complex and we enjoyed the nice evening!  Had a few new pullers and very grateful for all the pullers that came to support the Association!  Hope you enjoyed the night like we did!

Fulton Pull

We survived our last weekday pull.  We want to thank all you came out to make this pull successful!  We had a blast running next to the Missouri Farm Pullers once again and we were so excited the turn out we had! 

Bowling Green/Macon

What an amazing week we just had.  So thankful for all the help we are getting....we just can't say thank you enough!  THANK YOU!  Every little bit helps and counts in our book.  These pulls were both new to us and we felt they went smoothly and they are looking forward to us coming back next year and so are we!  Hope you all had a GREAT week and see you soon!  Lets get our PULL on for sure...we are almost over the hump of pull after pull we can do it!  Thank you for hanging in there with us!


Again another GREAT pull in Linneus!  I want to say a BIG thank you to all the pullers who helped before, during and after the pull to make everything to run as smoothly as we did!  It was a success and they want us back next year.  We are looking forward to it.  What a town of GREAT hospitality! 


What a beautiful weekend to have two pulls scheduled.  Centralia ran smoothly and thank all who helped to make that possible. 
Brookfield was a new pull and it turned out well.  If you didn't make it to Brookfield you missed out on some good homemade pies...we are looking forward to those again next year.
  We want to thank everyone one who came out to pull together and to come watch and cheer on our pullers!  It was a long weekend but it all turned out to be a GREAT weekend! 

Sturgeon Pullin For Potties

We came together with Missouri Farm Pullers in Sturgeon and Pulled for Potties.  Had a nice rain before the pull but thanks to the hard work of the Robinson's we had a good track and a GREAT pull! 

Sturgeon Summer Fest

What an amazing time we had at the Sturgeon Summerfest.  The heat was on and we were ready to show Sturgeon what we had.  Thank you to all who made it out and for supporting our association.  Also a BIG thank you for the ones who helped make things run a bit smoother it means a lot!   We missed the ones that couldn't make it.  Hope to see you again at the next Sturgeon Pull!  Have a GREAT week!

Salisbury Pull

Salisbury was a definite RAIN OUT!  But watch the schedule because we will still pull there sometime this season.  They are excited to have us and we love to pull there!  Hope to see you there! :)
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