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Last Pull of the season!  Linneus Pull was a great time.  We were down in hooks but was so appreciated the ones that came out to support each other on the last pull!  The points were wrapped up and the winners are on the Points page.  If you placed please try and make it to the GTPOMMA banquet to receive your prize and we will do the rules meeting at that time to.  To get things lined up for the next few years.  So come out and help us celebrate the 2014 pulling season.  Hope to see you there!

Oak Grove Pull

We had the opportunity to pull in Oak Grove at their 40th annual tractor pull.  They showed how they pulled 40 years ago and it was neat to see where they have come from!  Their hospitality was over and above and we had a great time!  The sled had a few changes before this pull and the track wasn't helping so it slowed us down a lil bit but we appreciate your patience and understanding during and through all of it!  A special thank you to all who helped make this pull possible! 

Macon MO

We rolled in ready to pull again in Macon and was not disappointed!  We had fun a decent turn out even with the rain causing the track to be a little wet and slippery delaying our pull before the Hot Stock class.  But the show must go on and it did with no more delays! 

Centralia Pull

This is a pull we look forward to every year!  With three tracks and three different Associations no one is bored.  Missouri Farm Pullers and the Antique Tractor Association were great to hang out with and pull along side!  Their was a crowd and I believe young and old had an amazing time!  Thanks for coming and supporting your local tractor pullers and fairgrounds! 

Sturgeon Pull

We were debating on canceling the pull before we started but the Missouri Farm Pullers and we decided the show must go on.   The rain subsided until the beginning of our Hot Stock class and then it poured!   Therefore causing us to have to cancel the pull.  It was a good time and a muddy mess afterwards!  Thanks to all who came!  We will credit the pullers at the next pull who didn't get to pull.  Also all will get show points for showing up if you signed in and the first three classes will get checks at the next pull!  Thank you for you understanding and patience.

Vandalia MO Pull

This was the first time we had been to this venue and we fell in love with it!  :)  It was a BLAST and had good hospitality and lots of other things going on.  The locals came on out to cheer us on and that was GREAT to see!  Although it is a week pull it was worth it!  Also we just want to make a shout out to ALL the HELP we was so appreciated and it was overwhelming!  THANK YOU!  It's the pullers that make this association's heartbeat!

Shelby Pull

As many called it "God's country" it was a GREAT place to pull!  Dane Lambert had the hospitality to want you to stay all night!  We have missed this pull 2 too many years!  It was nice to get back out there and see the amazing scenery and talk with old friends and of course make some new ones.  Also enjoyed the good down home cooking all look forward to!  If you missed this pull you missed the pull of the season!  The track was perfect the sled did its job well and we all had fun watching the other trucks and tractors pull done the track!  We are looking forward to pulling here again next year! 


We are a little upset we had to post pone this pull.  Mike went out on the church lawn at, FAMILY LIFE FELLOWSHIP, and talked to numerous people about why we weren't pulling and showed them the GTPOMMA sled and a couple of tractors.  A lot of people were looking forward to our pull and we hope to be able to show them this year!  But if not we will shoot for next year DAD'S FEST!  It was so much fun there for the kids and well I had a little fun too!  We got to ride a Monster truck, watched them crush cars and motorcycle stunts from REAL ENCOUNTER and an Illusionist and his wife who did an aerial routine that amazed us all!  Hopefully we can share these experiences next year!  We are looking forward to it! 

Pulling For A Cure MexicoMO

Pulling For A Cure
United Way Bank
Relay For Life
What a GREAT start to our season in Mexico MO Saturday night!  What a BLAST we had mudding around since the much needed rain delayed us a few hours.  We helped entertain a crowd to raise money for Relay For Life!  They had a peddle tractor pull a little before the pull was to go on and a few of our pullers attended.  We had a radio station announcer who did a fantastic job juggling all three tracks....especially not ever been to a tractor pull.  It was a great time and they had great hospitality!  Looking forward to do it again next year!   

Eldon 2013

Eldon was our last points pull of the season and we want to THANK everyone who came out to help us celebrate the POINTS CHAMPS! 
Congrats to....Chase Eischied 900 Stock...Ben Larkins Outlaw...John Graves for 1250, 1350 and 1500 Open...Dakota Perry Hot Stock...Larry Wyckoff/Tanner McBroom Super Stock 16...Bill Fricke Motorcycle....Ken Painter Modified for winning FIRST place 2013 POINTS CHAMPINONSHIP!  They stayed faithful and worked hard! 
The track was a bit wet due to the rain the night before and dark due to bad lighting but it didn't stop the pullers from putting on a GREAT show!   
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